Premiere: “What Do You Do” by Aya Safiya

This rollicking, folk-rock ditty is filled with lush instrumentals and soothing vocals.

Most people have had crushes in their lives. (I know I certainly have.) And sometimes, those crushes can be problematic, say, if the dude in question is your best friend’s boyfriend or if the girl you like is your sister’s friend.

In Aya Safiya‘s debut single, “What Do You Do,” she tackles this problem, cooing in the song’s chorus, “What do you do / When you love someone, you’re not supposed to?”

Her answer — especially if you’re mooning over someone you really can’t tell anyone about — is to “shout it out to the world in a song.”

The lush, dreamy folk-rock number also showcases Aya Safiya’s extensive musical background.

An early fan of the Beatles, Aya Safiya began studying traditional Greek, Balkan, Turkish, and Romani music at the age of 7, and by 21, she was learning different vocal techniques from around the world. Listen closely to “What Do You Do” and you’ll notice Aya Safiya’s numerous singing styles, which range from soft and breathy, to deep and smokey, to high-pitched and saccharine.

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