Premiere: John Travoltage’s New Single, “Heist,” is Rife With Guitars and Unbridled Energy

If the name is any indication, John Travoltage is a punk-rock band from San Francisco with a sense of humor and a no-fucks attitude. Formed in 2014, the quartet, known for making gritty, guitar-heavy tracks a la Green Day infused with a slight post-punk/pop flavoring in the vein of New Found Glory or Good Charlotte, self-describes itself as shoving “a decidedly adult middle finger at the celebrated notions of mediocrity, capitalist hierarchy, and Western exceptionalism.”

John Travoltage’s newest single, “Heist,” premiered on SF Weekly, is a clever combination of raw and reckless energy backed by an upbeat, in-your-face spunk. Recorded at the Mission’s famed Different Fur Studios, “Heist” is a rollicking tune that lead singer Richie Tubman describes as an “homage to California.”

It is, he adds, “a prayer to the lost days and nights spent roaming the streets between San Francisco and Los Angeles; to the gutter-punk shitheads ripping up curbs; to the club rat, rich brats standing in line at Del Taco; to the men and women who make this state go round and round and up and down. We wrote this for all of us.”

Make sure to catch John Travoltage’s single release show on Thursday, August 25 at Bottom of the Hill. More info here

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