Reason #54,732 Why Green Day Rocks

Watch this video of the punk band letting an 11-year-old play the guitar at their St. Paddy's Day show.

Last Friday, March 17, local punkers Green Day did something awesome at their St. Paddy’s Day show in Worcester, Massachusetts: They let an 11-year-old kid shred onstage.

It’s not clear how Billie Joe Armstrong selected the green-haired 11-year-old boy, but video footage shows Armstrong asking the kid how long he’s been playing the guitar and if he at least knows how to play three chords, before telling him, “Alright, get your ass up here.”

After showing the kid a few things on the guitar, Armstrong slings the instrument over the kid’s shoulders, even going so far as to adjust the straps to the lil guy’s body himself. Grabbing a microphone, Armstrong then starts singing the words to a song, trailing behind the kid as he walks down the stage’s runway, strumming the guitar. At one point, Armstrong even angles the microphone at the kid so that he can sing a few lines.

Afterwards, Armstrong learns that the kid is named Grant and that he’s from Rutland, Masschusetts. He then instructs him to “never smash a guitar,” and instead tells him that he gets to keep the matte black model he was using.

Hugs and thumbs up ensue, making for a very heartwarming end of show performance.

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