Spooky Mansion and Tino Drima Announce New Project

The San Francisco bands will put out a short film and split single in December.

For the last couple of years, both Spooky Mansion and Tino Drima (a side project of O and French Cassettes) have been making a lot of noise in the Inner Sunset, brightening up the fog covered skies with their warm Shannon & the Clams-esque surf-rock guitar tones. Since they’re practically neighbors – both bands live within four blocks of each other – it makes sense that the two would eventually put out a split-single together.

What we didn’t expect is that the two groups would release a short ‘70s sci-fi film along with it.

“Future, past, and here I am trapped between the infinite,” begins the retro-themed trailer for A Space God Appears. The camera then cuts to the members of Spooky Mansion, their faces  painted blue as if they are extras in Avatar, as they perform a snippet of their upcoming track “Disco Bitch.” A short monologue from Tino Drima’s lead singer Gregory DiMartino later, the rest of the group shows up to play their contribution to the collaborative release, “You Are My Friend.”

Aside from a preview of the film, the two bands aren’t giving away too many details about it other than the fact that it was filmed in late June. If anything, their statements lead to more questions than answers. “A hero’s journey is often a lonely one, doing whatever they can with whatever they have,” DiMartino says. “A hero blazes a trail of hurdles and leaves endless fertility behind them. A hero is not unlike The Earthworm in this way.”

Who is The Earthworm? I ask him. Is it a character or just a metaphor for something else? But I never find out because he refuses to answer. 

And it’s not like Spooky Mansion cleared anything up either. Lead singer Grayson Converse adds: “In art you must capture a tone, something that speaks to the human condition that tells the story of a time and a place. In our case, it happens that the time is 5,000 years after the Great Reckoning in the 3rd era, and the place is on the outer arm of the Xentrin Galaxy in the Pulmin Nebula. It is the most important story we’ve ever told.”

So we have no idea what’s going on here, but what we do know is that the film and two singles will premiere at a joint show in mid-December at an undisclosed venue. The split single will also be available in physical release through San Francisco-based Dingo Vinyl on December 13.

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