Talking Podcasts With Foxtails Brigade

Laura Weinbach and Dominic Mercurio’s new radio show “Totally Tell Me” sees the indie-folk duo digging into movies and TV.

Oakland’s Foxtails Brigade is known for lush, Kate Bush-esque, experimental indie-folk — not so much for waxing lyrical about pop culture. But for the last two months, that’s exactly what the duo has been doing — on their podcast that is.

Now on its 12th episode, “Totally Tell Me” is where Dominic Mercurio and Laura Weinbach chat about whatever takes their fancy, in their own witty and inimitable style. The general idea seems to be that they’ll start with a main theme and attempt to stick to that, but it will inevitably veer off in all sorts of wild and wacky directions. A conversation about the movie Alien: Covenant will lead to Netflix’s TV show Anne of Green Gables. They hate both, by the way. In fact, it almost feels like you’re listening in on a conversation between friends.

“Totally Tell Me” episodes are released every Wednesday via iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Google Play.

SF Weekly: What inspired you and Mercurio to start a podcast?
Laura Weinbach: Foxtails Brigade had been on tour for a couple of months, and Dominic was supposed to be shooting a music video for this band Bells Atlas, but it got pushed back by a couple of months. So he was having some creative downtime, and I was feeling creatively down myself because I had just been on this long tour and I don’t really do much work when we’re on tour other than performing. I felt stagnant. Dominic had the idea that we should start a podcast where we talk about whatever we talk about. We always have funny conversations on tour together anyway. For whatever reason, our dynamic brings that out. He wanted to try to capture that, and he thought the best way to do it would be with a podcast. Right now, I think we’re getting roughly 200 listeners per episode. There’s 100 on Soundcloud alone, and it does better on iTunes.

SFW: So you guys are shooting the shit the way you usually do anyway, and mainly talking about movies and TV shows?
LW: Sort of, but in a slightly more structured format. We’re still trying to hammer out different things that we become aware of with each episode. As it goes on, it gets a little tighter, but without losing the magic of the natural flow between us. We’re moderately aware that the tape’s running, but after about the first five minutes, I think we both forget and we just go all out.

SFW: Do you have a favorite episode so far?
LW: Yeah, the second-to-last one. That was about the movie Personal Shopper starring Kristen Stewart. The main topic has been a movie almost every time, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be about an album, restaurant, TV show, or a concert. We did an episode about the season finale of Girls. I’ll go ahead and tell you though:We did not like Personal Shopper. It’s not Netlix’s Anne of Green Gables bad — that was abhorrent to my soul. It upset me deeply.

SFW: Can you give us a scoop on some upcoming subjects?
LW: We do know that we’re going to be reviewing Twin Peaks this week. We wanted to do our last one on that, but we didn’t have time to watch the first two episodes. Then we have another one scheduled — we’re going to play a festival this weekend near the Sierra Foothills, so all four of the Foxtails Brigade members are going to be there and we’re going to do a full band episode. I’m not sure what the main topic will be, but it will be fun.

SFW: Do you have any news regarding the band?
LW: We’re playing The Chapel on August 2 with Everyone is Dirty opening. We’re headlining and excited about that show. We’ll debut some new material. We’re also doing a little West Coast tour in July. We’re writing a lot of new stuff right now for the next album.

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