The Week’s Best Music Video: “Love Me Forever” by Juveniles

Wherein two pregnant women fall in love, and proceed to wear matching outfits and rub their bellies together.

Eternal, unapologetic love is the theme of this bouncy, nu-disco dance track by French artist Juveniles. Synthy and funky, with an electropop backbone, “Love Me Forever” is a playful track that has now been paired with an equally playful music video.

It stars two pregnant women with penchants for bright makeup and matching apparel, who love in love with each other after meeting in a doctor’s waiting room. Between scenes of them feeding each other dessert, posing in shallow pools, or just full-on making out, are hyperactive, psychedelic animated cartoons that consist of subliminal messages about insemination and birth.

This music video is weird, lovely, and charming, and it ends on a cliffhanger, showing the two women in matching tanks and panties, lying on a round bed.

In an interview with Curve Magazine, Juveniles revealed that the concept behind the video is “What if a belly falls in love with another belly?” I wonder what will happen once they have their babies and their bellies flatten out? 

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