The Top 50 Songs to Get High To (Part 2)

This might just become your new favorite smoking soundtrack.

In 2011, we published “The Top 50 Songs to Get High To,” and you know what? It’s time for an update.

We culled music from all genres and decades to bring you a list of some of the grooviest, most psychedelic, and aurally interesting songs for your listening and smoking pleasure. Check em out, but before you do, make sure you have your lighter and pipe ready, ‘cuz after hearing these songs, you’ll want to light up.


1. “93 ’til Infinity,”  Souls of Mischief
Track number nine on Oakland hip-hop collective Souls of Mischief’s 1993 debut album of the same name, “93 ’til Infinity” is a circuitous, laid-back banger that’s all about chilling and kicking it with the homies. The hazy and occasionally twinkly synth production makes for perfect background music to light up to.


2. “Tomorrow Never Knows,” The Beatles
“Turn off your mind / Relax, and float downstream” are the opening lines to this 1966 Beatles track. Groovy Indian sitar and psychedelic production make up the bulk of the song, and the longer you listen, the more wild and riotous it becomes, so get ready to get amped up.


3. “Do You Realize?” The Flaming Lips
This 2002 single from the Flaming Lips is full of heartfelt lyrics (“Do you realize? You have the most beautiful face”) and some fabulous guitar strumming from the band’s frontman, Wayne Coyne. Fun facts: From 2009 to 2013 it was adopted by Oklahoma as its “Official Rock Song.” Also, the song was originally written for band member Steven Drozd who was trying to kick a heroin addiction.


4. “Daydreamin,” Lupe Fiasco


5. “Rabbit Hole,” Living Legends


6. “Feeling Good,” Nina Simone
Backed by boisterous trumpet and some titilliating piano, this 1965 single from Nina Simone is the ultimate smoker’s song because after you hit that pipe, we bet you, too, will be singing the lyrics to this song: “It’s a new dawn / It’s a new day / It’s a new life for me / And I’m feeling good.”


7. “Denny Cascade,” Denzel Curry
“I’m fried / I’m in my zone,” the Miami rapper Denzel Curry purrs in the hook to this piano-laced track that showcases the emcees’ deft wordplay.


8. “It Was Written,” Damien Marley


9. “Incense and Peppermints,” Strawberry Alarm Clock
This quintessential hippie era song is as groovy and psychedelic as it gets.


10. “Feel Flows,” The Beach Boys
Easily the best track by The Beach Boys, “Feel Flows” is a slow burner featuring reverse echo vocals from Brian Wilson and a cornucopia of instruments, from a Moog synthesizer and organ to saxophone and flute. Fast-forward to 1:40 when the magic really starts, or skip all the way to 2:55 to hear the best synth lines of your life.


11. “A Token of Gratitude,” The Radio Dept.


12. “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” Tame Impala
Pretty much anything by Tame Impala would be great for smoking weed to, but this song in particular stands out.


13. “Johnny Too Bad,” The Slickers


14. “Kill For Love,” The Chromatics


15. “Summertime,” Vince Staples
The most mellow track on a rather dark and aggressive album, “Summertime” is a foggy, languid number that will slow you down and chill you out.


16. “Today Was A Good Day,” Ice Cube


17. “Tugboat,” Galaxie 500


18. “One With The Freaks,” The Notwist


19. “Innocence,” Flume, featuring AlunaGeorge
Australian producer Flume knows how to turn industrial, dissonant sounds into beautiful, orchestral melodies. “Innocence” is the best example of this, paired with AlunaGeorge’s razor sharp falsetto. There are so many crescendos and plummets in this song that listening to it is almost like riding a roller coaster.


20. “Easy Rider,” Ty Segall and White Fence


21. “Age of Consent,” New Order
One of the best guitar songs ever, this rollicking 1983 track from New Order will get you excited and pumped for the big hit you’re about to take.


22. “Desert Island,” Mystic Braves


23. “Demon,” Shamir
Las Vegas singer-songwriter Shamir created an understated masterpiece with this ditty that features vigorous percussion and the artist’s own cutesy falsetto.


24. “Little Girl,” Spiritualized


25. “Waves” (Tame Impala remix), Miguel


26. “Pretty Pimpin’,” Kurt Vile


27. “Pursuit of Happiness,” Lissie
Folk-rock singer Lissie covered this track by Kid Cudi, and there’s a ferocity and energy to her version that is missing in the original. For an exhilarating background song, it doesn’t get much better than this.


28. “Suckers’ Shangri-La,” Lower Dens


29. “Babies,” Pulp


30. “Got 2 Let U,” The Knife
This Swedish electronic duo has a knack for creating energetic, dance-inducing ditties with deft bass lines and funky flourishes. “Got 2 Let U” is a particularly funky cut from the band, and its upbeat energy is infectious.


31. “Jane,” Jefferson Starship
Featuring one of the best guitar opening to any song ever, “Jane” is the ’70s packaged in a song. (It was also used in the opening credits for Wet, Hot American Summer.) This track is all about rocking out and having a good time, and it’s basically catnip for stoners.


32. “Eudaemonia,” Them Are Us Too
Eerie, droning, and slow-building, this track from Them Are Us Too is a masterful lesson in restraint and simplicity. Zone out and spark up a joint to this ditty.


33. “Way Back,” Amber Mark
The only deep house track on this list, this song by Amber Mark is both euphoric and motivational, and a definite must-listen for anyone who’s turning to weed for a pick-me-up.


34. “Existence in the Unfurling,” Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Recommended if you’re a fan of the soundtrack to Stranger Things or like anything synth-based.


35. “A Rainbow in Curved Air,” Terry Riley


36. “The Big Ship,” Brian Eno


37. “Hellhole Ratrace,” Girls


38. “Song of the Sleeping Forest,” Susumu Yokota
Trippy and whimsical, “Song of the Sleeping Forest” will take you on a magical journey to who knows where, especially if you listen to it while stoned. Just close your eyes, lay back, and let your imagination guide you.


39. “Comin Through,” The War on Drugs


40. “Lay Down,” Son Little


41. “Doobie Ashtray,” Devin The Dude
Let this song serve as a lesson to you: Hide your weed when people come over. You never which friend of yours has sticky fingers…


42. “Do You Feel It,” Joe Cuba
Listen to this song and let Joe Cuba transport you to his childhood barrio.


43. “Good Time,” Brazilian Girls


44. “4 Leaf Clover,” Erykah Badu


45. “Milk and Honey,” Raging Fyah


46. “Just Begun,” Talib Kweli


47. “About You,” xxyyxx
This dreamy, woozy track is sure to put you in the right mindset for smoking that spliff.


48. “In Praise of Shadows,” CFCF
Weird and experimental, listen to “In Praise of Shadows” while high and you’ll understand its hidden beauty.


49. “In Your Eyes,” BadBadNotGood, featuring Charlotte Day Wilson


50. “Fried Day,” Bizzy Bone

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