The Top 7 Songs For Daydreamers

Zone out and let your imagination run wild with these tunes.

I’m an excellent daydreamer. Some would even call me a pro. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I have the uncanny ability to zone out and let my mind wander to faraway places.

Expert daydreamer that I am, I have amassed a bevvy of songs that are great for letting your imagination run wild, and what better time to daydream then during the doldrums of winter?

Check out the list of tracks below or listen to the Spotify playlist here.

1. “In Praise of Shadows,” CFCF
This soft-as-falling-snow track by the Canadian electronic act CFCF sounds exactly like what you’d imagine shadows would sound like and is the perfect entree for a bout of daydreaming. Take note of the drippy synths and muffled background voices, before the main attraction — an uplifting guitar solo — sets in.


2. “When Everything Was New,” Flume
“When Everything Was New” is one of Flume’s least pop or EDM tracks and features a whimsical melody that floats over a blurry recording of children chatting in the background. It sounds weird, but it’s solid stuff.


3. “Systems/Layers,” Rachel’s
Rachel’s was a chamber music group from Kentucky that was into mixing classical with experimental music. “Systems/Layers” is from the group’s eponymous second-to-last album (before they disbanded in 2012), and is a predominantly piano-based ditty that is as beautiful as it is relaxing.


4. “A Rainbow in Curved Air,” Terry Riley
This psychedelic 18-minute masterpiece from Terry Riley, a pioneer of classical minimalism, goes perfectly with its track art. Think pastel colors, rainbows, and soft, fluffy clouds when listening to this fantastical ditty from the late 1960s.


5. “On The High Seas,” Dolphins Into The Future
If you ever wondered what being a dolphin swimming in the ocean sounds like, now you know. At least, that’s what I picture when I hear this synth extravaganza of a song.


6. “A New Day,” Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is a synth goddess, and overall just a brilliant composer. “A New Day” is comprised of multiple, shifting parts, and listening to it feels a journey unto itself.


7. “Nebula,” Julianna Barwick
The second song on Julianna Barwick’s 2016 album Will, “Nebula” is a mostly wordless track, buttressed with fuzzy, droning synths and overlaid with some ethereal moans from Barwick that sound like they were recorded in an echo-y, abandoned medieval church in the forest.

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