Amp Live Gets Radio Station, Films Video w/ Warriors

2010 is gonna be a busy year for local producer whiz Amp Live. He has a new album coming out that I'm chomping at the bit to hear (check the first video, a great number about an android dude who steals styles called “Gary is a Robot,” here). And he's just announced a new Internet radio station, Beat Driven Radio, a showcase of his work with Zion I as well as his remixes. The current Beat Driven setlist is a good way to sample his Radiohead remixes, including his revisions of “Videotape,” “Nude,” and “Weird Fishes.”

Web radio stations are picking up steam with Bay Area producers. (Lyrics Born unveiled his towards the end of last year.) But Amp plans to expand his reach beyond his catalog, asking artists, DJs, and producers to send in tracks they want to get on his show.

Through his Twitter feed, Amp also announced today that he's getting busy filming the video for “Takeover” with the Golden State Warriors basketball team. “[Able] to do video for our song “Takeover” w the warriors basketball team……wow,” he wrote. Not a shabby way to kick off a new year. 

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