An Open Letter to Bikini Kill: We Still Need You!

Dear Bikini Kill,
Do you have any idea how much we've missed you? We just wanted you to know how thrilled we are to hear that you're launching your own record label — Bikini Kill Records — and re-issuing your back catalog on CD (we'd love it if you could do some vinyl too, but one thing at a time.)

Has it really been twenty years since you released your amazing self-titled EP?

We still listen to it all the time — “Suck My Left One” is a modern

classic, if you ask us. So very much has happened in music since then.

But sadly, as we're sure you've noticed, outspoken women playing heavy,

angry music have not survived well since you've been gone. No disrespect

to Le Tigre or your other projects, but we really miss the level of

rage expressed in Bikini Kill's music.

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