Apocalyptica, Dir en grey, and Evaline at Regency Ballroom


Dir en grey 
@ Regency Ballroom
September 9, 2010  
Better than: You remember the cello sounding when you practiced it as a kid.
It's a rare and beautiful thing when bands that are part of the same touring bill really fit in a clear, cohesive way.

Last night's lineup at the Regency Ballroom, however, was perfect. Opener Evaline was the surprise discovery of the night – this band of local boys (well, kind of – they're from Modesto) lucked out in getting on such a high profile tour. Evaline is currently unsigned, but judging by the show the band put on, expect that to change soon. Singer Richard Perry seemed a natural, keeping up a constant dialogue with the crowd and threatening to launch himself into it (thankfully he refrained from actual stage diving, thus sparing the pretty dresses of some of the goth girls from irreparable shoe-related damage). Evaline is oddly ambient for a rock band, but in a weird and energetic way, rather than a nap-inducing one. Ridiculously high energy, last night's opener set the tone perfectly for what was to follow.

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