Ariel Pink Has a Good Night at the Chapel, 5/21/13

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

The Chapel

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Better than: Dining on pink slime.

There is always an air of uncertainty before an Ariel Pink concert. Throughout his career the enigmatic Beverly Hills native has been known to have meltdowns on stage, throw fits at sound men, or just plain refuse to sing his own songs. Last night was not one of those shows.

Born Ariel Marcus Rosenberg, the 35-year-old musician came into the public eye with a series of mysterious recordings seemingly made at home all by himself on four-track. A dark sensibility; drug-damaged, lo-fi recording quality; and an amazing ear for pop hooks quickly earned him a rabid cult following and led to a record deal with 4AD. His early records were groundbreaking, and early solo shows were usually sloppy and difficult as a lot of his music was considered “unplayable.” That is, until he got himself a kick-ass backing band and recorded his breakthrough album Before Today and, following that, the group's second and best record as a cohesive unit, Mature Themes.


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