BAGeL Radio 11th Anniversary Party: Show Preview

For more than a decade now, diehard indie-rock fan Ted Leibowitz has spent his Fridays playing songs from an old MacBook in his Glen Park apartment. His Internet radio show, which he calls 480 Minutes, is a labor of love — but also a crucial conduit for fans of sprightly, energetic guitar rock. He is famously blessed with a discerning ear, and Leibowitz's 9-to-5 Friday show — and the playlists he curates for the rest of the week on his web station, BAGeL radio — provide an excellent snapshot of what's happening in melodic but aggressive indie music. This Friday, the pioneering Internet DJ and local luminary has gathered three of his favorite bands for a show at Bottom of the Hill celebrating the 11th anniversary of BAGeL radio. Headlining is San Francisco's own Birdmonster, a long-running quartet whose music veers from tender acoustic ruminations to fiery rockers — but always with an emphasis on the soaring, sticky melodies that Leibowitz loves.

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