Bake On with Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger

Listen to this while high: Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger

Behind the buzz: Thursday's upcoming S.F. stop on the Soundgarden reunion tour will no doubt kick a groaning board of ass, so anyone desirous of a preliminary bombardment would do well to crank up this third album and sophomore effort on A&M. If the proposition of interacting with everybody and his plaid-shirted monkey at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium sounds like too much for your hash-sharpened nerves this balmy week, then kick yourself down Memory Lane with this heavy metal boot in the privacy of your pad or squat.

This week's dope: An indica strain sporting the B-movie moniker of Soul Assassin. Two tokes induce a stoner variation on the fabled thousand-yard stare. Distant puffball fancies take on gunsight clarity as all else folds into a pleasant haze. This is Class A pain relief for muscles aching from the strenuous summertime life.

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