Bart Davenport: Show Preview

Once upon a time, Bart Davenport led a beloved local outfit called the The Loved Ones. Now, like so many onetime Bay Area talents, he's decamped to Los Angeles — and the Southland seems to be treating him well. Davenport just released Physical World, a solo album that polishes his jangly, smooth guitar pop to a new sheen. Opening track “Wearing the Changes” is an up-tempo romp built on jazz chords, tambourine bounce, and Davenport's peachy croon. Throughout the album, Davenport's falsetto is as smooth as his songwriting. The debts to the Smiths are obvious, and well enough executed that it'll make you wonder what they're putting in the water down there. And since Davenport is coming up north for a party celebrating the release of Physical World this week, maybe we should ask?

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