BART Musician Adam Young Shares Tips on Busking for a Living

Adam Young was playing in the Powell BART station yesterday. But it wasn't the Owl City lead singer Adam Young. The Bay Area's own Adam Young is a cellist who has just started his first year at the S.F. Conservatory of Music. During the summer months, he busks in BART stations to earn his living.

When Young plays, he is serene — his eyes half-closed, he cradles his cello as his bow weaves back and forth. Yesterday, in his black-and-white outfit, he matched the monochrome floors and walls of the Powell BART station so that he seemed more like an art installation made for the space than a street musician.

As a BART regular, Young has a small local following. As I watched him play, a little old lady stopped to listen and began rummaging through her handbag. After dropping a donation in his cello case, she shuffled up to me and whispered, “Look how hot he is!”

But there aren't always adoring fans, and there are bad days as well as good ones. Young tells SF Weekly that it's important to have a cheerful attitude when busking.

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