Bay Area Beatsmith Jel Opens For Tricky Tonight, Defends Name From Interlopers

We haven't heard enough from Jel, born Jeffrey Logan, of late. An early mainstay of Oakland's Anticon collective, he released an excellent solo record, Soft Money, in 2006, then returned to the shadows — or so it seemed. Upon closer inspection, he's been plenty active in projects like Themselves (a duo with cLOUDDEAD co-founder Doseone), which has in turn been active in projects like 13 & God (with members of the Notwist) and Subtle (with a veritable Anticon clusterjam). But tonight he's teaming up with another what?-hop luminary, Odd Nosdam, to warm up the crowd for Tricky's show at the Independent. We caught up with Jel and rapped (so to speak) about what's been goin' on.

What have you been up to lately?
I've been working on a lot since the last Themselves tour early this year. The new 13 & God album got finished this October in Munich; that should be out first quarter 2011. Nosdam and I have been working on a co-produced LP with Serengeti from Chicago. We're all psyched on the music we started in April for that — Geti has about two and a half albums ready to release on Anticon now. Right now I'm finishing my new LP — with help from Mr. Nosdam again, of course. I'm excited about rehashing music I've been sitting with for about three years now, plus I've been doing more singing and rapping, and it actually sounds good to me. I think my new LP will be 50/50 songs with vocals and instrumentals with cuts. Hopefully that will be ready to go this coming fall. We have a packed year for album releases at Anticon in 2011.

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