Half Stack | Photo by Julie Juarez

A slacker rock soul along with heavy tinges of country and noise, Oakland’s Half Stack is an exciting, up-and-coming band well worth keeping your eyes and ears on.

Closely linked with fellow East Bay-native indie star Jay Som, who helped produce the band’s upcoming debut album Quitting Time which is to be released early next month, the five-piece is excited to share with SF Weekly the bright and catchy new single, “Top of the Mountain.”

Speaking of the track, the group explains, ” ‘Top of the Mountain’ isn’t really a train song, it’s about wanting to be on the move in a different place. It’s also about us finding a solid rhythm and digging into a jam.”

The beauty of the track’s reverb-drenched steel guitars and power pop-like chorus are an exciting indication that Half Stack have struck rock ‘n’ roll gold with Quitting Time.