Buck 65 is not a rapper, or is he? MCs Azeem and Nac One pull a double CD-release.

In this year's “hot” issue, Rolling Stone named Buck 65 “hot indie rapper.” As usual, Rolling Stone doesn't know dick. As Buck 65 (aka Richard Terfry) will be the first to tell you, he's not really a rapper. He's just a former New York Yankees prospect from Nova Scotia who delivers rhyming couplets over beats and loops. OK, so that description makes him sound like a rapper. But Buck 65 also peppers his tunes with plaintive acoustic guitar and weepy pedal steel, sings in a gruff voice more akin to Tom Waits than Eminem, and writes about unusual topics like well-hung centaurs, fishing trips, and double-play combinations. (It's no wonder that Emeryville's Anticon label put out one of his earlier records.) Who knows, maybe after the release of his forthcoming V2 “best of,” This Right Here Is Buck 65, Buck will become the new G. Love — who wasn't really a rapper either. Buck 65 plays with genre names on Wednesday, Oct. 13, at Slim's; call 255-0333 or go to
— Dan Strachota

After performing spoken word at Lollapalooza, having his work featured in several books, and helping co-write songs for and touring with Spearhead, Azeem shifted gears in 1999 by fine-tuning his solo act to become one of the Bay Area's most gifted hip hop artists. Sharing the gold medal with Azeem is Berkeley boy MC and graffiti artist Nac One, whose lyrical skills have allowed him to open for the likes of Abstract Rude, Freestyle Fellowship, the Fugees, and Nas. Fortunately for you, both Azeem and Nac One will celebrate the release of their much-anticipated Show Business and Natural Reaction LPs, respectively, and perform live at Café Du Nord at the “Double Trouble Record Release Party.” Graffiti Death Threat will help the two lift the roof off of the one-time speak-easy. The show starts at 9 p.m. this Monday, Oct. 18; call 861-5016 or visit
— Brock Keeling

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