Before Kreayshawn: 10 Underrated and/or Forgotten Female MCs

Last week, around the fifth time someone sent me a link to Kreayshawn's “Gucci Gucci,” I started having a feeling toward the diminutive rapper that was not entirely positive. This discomfort grew a few days later, when she reportedly signed a $1 million deal with Sony. (She denies the deal.)

The thing is, I like her: she's funny, she's gross, she's full of it in the best possible way. I am, without question, the target market for this viral video-launched product. So what's my problem?

Part of it is that I have a thing for a lot of serious female MCs, and many of them don't get the respect they deserve. It doesn't take much of a history lesson to notice a pattern of female artists who never receive the level of promotion their male labelmates enjoy, careers that stall because there's very little room in the industry for “older” women (and practically none for those whose image doesn't include a stripper pole). Meanwhile: What's up, Too $hort, how was that 45th birthday?

Yeah, the new girl is fun, weird, and vaguely challenging. But when was the last time you listened to 1988's It Girl, MC Lyte? Here are 10 other neglected and/or underrated female rappers who also have swag, um, pumping out their ovaries — and deserve an equal chunk of your YouTube time.

1. Antoinette

Salt 'n' Pepa labelmate Antoinette had one of those careers that never made it past 1990 — her hits weren't quite as easily translatable into karaoke as “Shoop” or “Push It.” Still, I'd like to see Nicki Minaj keep us interested for a whole video in this yellow-T-shirt-and-floral-vest combo.

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