Behind the Scenes at Boiler Room's First S.F. Broadcast

Boiler Room presents Madlib, Ras G, Kyle Hall, Funkineven, Maximillion Dunbar, Inc., Matrixxman, Dam Funk

Gingerbread House

Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013

Billed as “the world's leading underground music show,” Boiler Room is a global sensation. It's an Internet stream, started in East London, that provides a global stage for the world's underground dance music community. For many, it's a vital resource, allowing viewers the chance to check out and evaluate their favorite artists remotely. But it's more than just a DJ show — it's a live broadcast of a party, complete with a crowd in full view of the frame. In fact, entire Youtube highlight reels have been made of the ridiculous actions of background attendees, featuring not so sly drug use, conspicuous Vicks Vape-O-Rub application, and groupies with clearly visible degrees of lust in their eyes. It's a wild show to be sure, but I always wondered what it's like on the other side of the screen. That's why I decided to head down to the Dogpatch to catch its inaugural post-Treasure Island San Francisco appearance.

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