Best Coast Charms the Wildlife at Cal Academy of Sciences

Best Coast


Motion Potion

DJ Platurn

Eric Sharp

August 11, 2011

California Academy of Sciences/Outside Lands night show

Better than: Being the tortoise Claude the albino alligator uses as a stepping stone.

It's always hard to see shows at the California Academy of Sciences. Going there is easy, but watching humans — even famous ones — fiddle with noisemaking machines tends to be less exciting than, say, taking in the rays swimming under your feet in near-dark, oogling the baby horned turtles crawling around, or staring while Claude the albino alligator does pretty much anything, even blinking.

Last night all of these sights were easier to come across than the main attraction: a live set by Best Coast on the outside patio. The stage area, unfortunately, was at or just above the height of the area surrounding it, so what most of us saw were glimpses of Bethany Cosentino in between the backs of many others' heads. An unfortunate fertilizer smell permeated the area, so that the best place to take in Best Coast might have been inside the museum, where you could still hear. It felt strangely appropriate to watch Cosentino through the glass from the back, like some sort of blond, Telecaster-wielding natural attraction.

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