Best Coast Gives Voice to Real California Girls at Great American Music Hall

Best Coast 

Sonny and the Sunsets 
October 26, 2010 
@ Great American Music Hall 

Better than: The Philadelphia Phillies, California Phillies being of the undeniable, unforgettable, fine, fresh, fierce sort. 
Call Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino the anti-Katy Perry, or rather the Garage Katy Perry, a silicon-free, three-chord-progressing, production value-wary non-Valley Girl. But we should also note what these two seemingly polar opposite L.A. products share, in a strictly musical sense: a steadfast lyrical directness, one that calls a sunset a sunset, and a boyfriend a jerk. Say what you mean and mean what you say, sayeth these dolls in distress.

Yes, Perry has the pop arenas of the world standing by on hold, but Cosentino is quickly climbing the ranks of a more intimate scene, and managed to sell out Great American Music Hall on a Tuesday night — just six months after opening for Camera Obscura at the same venue. Gotta start somewhere before MTV calls, or maybe it's too late

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