Bloggers Stay on the Banksy Scent, New Finding at Alcatraz

Interesting how all these new Bansky art sightings are happening in the wake of the release of his movie, Exit Through the Gift Shop. If I was more of a cynic, I'd say these pieces are popping up as some sort of extended marketing mission for the doc, but since this is Banksy being discussed here, it could also be some sort of statement about marketing for movies, right? Whatever. Regardless, I can't remember the last time people were this excited for fresh graffiti from a single artist since the days when Twist was still in town.

Over the weekend, All Shook Down regular Patric Fallon discovered a new Banksy-looking piece over at Alcatraz of all places, and he blogged about it for Uptown Almanac. “Hopefully, the powers that be won't see this and remove it,” he writes. “I'm kinda stoked now. This is like when you were a kid, and you would check every Tootsie Pop wrapper for the Indian shooting the star.” 
If you want to keep track of the Banksy hunt so far, both Uptown Almanac and Mission Mission have been posting people's finds, and this California Beat piece chronicles the citywide camera chase for the elusive artist's work.
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