Blues Lawyer: ‘Scenic Route’

The Oakland’s four-piece drops yet another catchy, witty single. Listen to it here.

Blues Lawyer’s new single “Scenic Route” and corresponding music video highlight the group’s home-brewed sound and retro influences.

The track, released on Vacant Stare Records, is a two-and-a-half-minute ode to unrequited love, featuring an infectious melody.

“Scenic Route” borrows from a bevy of post-punk mainstays, from the Guided by Voices’ jangling guitars to the Vaselines’ dissonant boy/girl harmonies to the Regrettes’ whip-smart lyrics. The track’s fuzzy vocals and low-res recording give it vintage sheen, as if someone gave the Shangri-Las some electric guitars and a healthy dose of acid.

The lyrics are lovelorn and relatable, bemoaning the all-too-common predicament of waiting for one’s lover to commit. “I am always anticipating / the time in which you might have time for me” vocalist and drummer Elyse Schrock sings, marrying Joan Baez’s vibrato and Kim Gordon’s vocal irreverence. The chorus begins with the wonderfully sarcastic lyric “Did you take the scenic route / working all your issues out?”Unapologetically D.I.Y, the music video seems like something a middle-schooler produced in 2004. It’s full of nostalgic imagery — from a board game to a sparkly flip phone — and features kitschy graphics that harken back to iMovie’s heyday. The video follows Schrock — dressed like an evil Raggedy Ann doll — as she shares tea and gambles with life-size stuffed animals. It’s vibrant, absurd, and the perfect counterpart to the lo-fi sound of “Scenic Route.”


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