Bob Dylan, Yes, Bob Dylan, Hits the Fox Theater August 24 (Bob Dylan!)

King Bob. Master Dylan. Folk genius. Fake. Whatever you wanna call him, Bob Dylan shares a plane of influence and regard with few other living musicians. But you know that. Last time we checked in with Dylan's live show, he could still throw down a stinging guitar solo, too. So what if his voice sounds like truck tires on a gravel road? The man's recent albums are still full of great songs, and he even manages to make Christmas music that's not too embarrassing.
So, then: Dylan plays the Fox Theater in Oakland on Tuesday, August 24. Tickets officially go on sale this Sunday. (The presale began yesterday.) And you hard-core Dylan fans oughta consider catching the master at the Monterey County Fairgrounds on the previous Saturday, August 21.
Here's hoping he brings the cowboy hat.
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