Bottomless Pit: Show Preview

Chicago quartet Bottomless Pit is the beautiful unsmiling creature that grew itself out of the ashes of the exemplary American indie-rock band Silkworm. The Pit is an agile and fitful beast, all ruminative gloom one moment and, well, anthemic gloom the next; its third LP, last year's Shade Perennial, showcases its best behavior in a surprisingly concise slab of knotty, darkly rootsy rock. Along as chaperones for the outing are Seattle's irrepressibly dignified stoner-kraut veterans Kinski, whose most recent release, Cosy Moments, finds the band's proggy spaceout game somewhat streamlined, the balance tipped ever so slightly in favor of fully accredited song structures with regular vocal passages and everything, but its wonderful sense of humor palpably intact. Berkeley fuzzmongers Vir and San Francisco noisemakers Wild Moth open.

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