Bouncer Discovers That Coffee Dates Suck — Especially at the Food Court Peet's

From this week's Bouncer column:

I recently plunged back into the world of online dating. “Plunged” is a good word, because you become immediately immersed, struggle to find your footing, begin to panic and gasp for air, and, if you are lucky, slowly rise to the surface again, relieved to be back where you started: merely floating as a single but happy person. Then it's back to lolling by the pool for another two years.

Bars are tailor-made for the date before any real “first date,” the sub-date where you figure out if you even want to go on a first date. The problem with bars, however, is that they have booze in them, and therefore foolish decisions can be made in a matter of seconds. Conversely, nerves are often doused with gin, and things are said or done that can blow a potential spark completely out. This time I decided to meet my quarry by doing the pedestrian “go for coffee” thing. This is something I thought I would never, ever do, because the folks who seem to go this route are the same ones who do things like meditate or go to climbing gyms on their lunch hours. But there is indeed wisdom in the coffee option — it can be over in a matter of minutes if you need to skedaddle, and there is no waiting for the tab.

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