Boz Scaggs Tells a Story to the Masonic May 16

Boz Scaggs isn’t taking more than one day off the road until May 24. For Scaggs, 70, it’s nothing new. The iconic Bay Area guitar player has been recording and touring for a little over half a century. He’s played with the Steve Miller Band and Toto. He’s had a prolific career that spans pop culture from The Beatles’ American TV debut to Drake at Coachella, and on May 16, he’s bringing it back home to The Masonic in San Francisco.

Scaggs is touring in support of his latest album, A Fool to Care, released March 31, 2015, on 429 Records. The album continues Scaggs’s exploration into tango, jazz, and American roots music. It’s a spellbinding patchwork of influences born in Nashville, Oklahoma, and Texas, and traveling all the way back west with the lead single “Tango on 16th St.”

[jump] “Selling late night transfers, trying to make a play,” he sings in the first line. Sound familiar? Scaggs’s dreamy mysticism tells a story similar to a kind of late night in the Mission, the kind in dark alleys and away from the gold glitter of Valencia St. His sonic palette is colored with stark contrast and entrancing rhythms. If you can’t find him on 16th Street, tickets to the Masonic start at $35.

Boz Scaggs plays The Masonic in San Francisco on May 16 at 7:30 p.m. Allen Toussaint is opening. Tickets start at $35.

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