BRAZA!'s DJ Elan on His Psychedelic Introduction to Brazilian Music and His Crazy Record Collection

While most of our wallets won't allow us to get to Brazil for the World Cup, we still have an opportunity to capture a glimpse of that country's rich culture in the form of BRAZA!, a local DJ collective and party specializing in all sounds Brazilian.

BRAZA! member and DJ Elan, represents the passion that the collective feels for Afro-Brazilian Latin beats by having compiled one of the best collections of Brazilian LPs and 7″ singles on the West Coast. Already a record collector for a number of years, it wasn't until a 2006 trip to São Paulo that Elan was inspired to find a way to share his rare finds. By hustling and offering to play some records before, during, and after local band sets, he quickly became an integral part of the Bay Area Brazilian music scene.

We spoke with Elan about how he got into his favorite genre, DJing with live instruments, and organizing his record collection. He performs this Friday, July 4, at Elbo Room for COPA! with the BRAZA! crew.

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