Brazilian Girls Placate Us By Answering 14 Silly Questions

It's been eight years since the genre-bending quartet Brazilian Girls released an album. Their last album, New York City, was rooted in electronica and received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2009. But, my personal favorite album, (which happened to become the soundtrack to my Freshman year of college) was the band's debut, self-titled release. With its bizarre mash-ups of pop, reggae, samba, house and acid jazz, the album was a treasure trove of delights and surprises, with no two songs sounding alike, but for singer, Sabina Sciubba's deep, throaty voice. 

[jump] Before the release of their as-yet untitled fourth album, the band is hitting the road for a short west coast tour, and they're making a stop in S.F. at Social Hall on Jan. 15. 

Instead of doing a regular, ol' interview with the group, we figured we'd shake things up a bit and ask them a gaggle of silly, random questions that they've probably never had to answer in an interview before. 

An artist or band you secretly love, but are embarrassed to fully own up to liking?
Jesse Murphy (bass): Brazilian Girls.
Didi Gutman (keyboard): Not embarrassed. 
Sabina Sciubba (vocals): The latest single by Cold Play.
Aaron Johnston(drums): Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Favorite book as a child?
JM: James and the Giant Peach.
DG: Así habló Zaratustra (aka: Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche).
SS: There is that German book, Struwwelpeter, which equally fascinated and terrified me as a child.
AJ: Where The Wild Things Are.

Something you wanted very badly as a kid but never got?
JM: Jiffy Peanut Butter and white bread.
DG: Love.
SS: Limits.
AJ: Attention.

Food you turn to in times of need?
JM: PB and J.
DG: Chocolate.
SS: Sashimi.
AJ: Grits.

Your dream house? 
JM: Dome.
DG: A boat.
SS: The place we just moved to.
AJ: Recording studio with a bed and bathroom.

Your spirit animal?
JM: I'm the Jazz Otter.
DG: A dog.
SS: Horse because I share the most characteristics with that animal.
AJ: A pig.

How you spend your time when you’re not working?
JM: With my family.
DG: Sleeping.
SS: Staring at a fireplace.
AJ: Eating.

T.V. show you’re currently addicted to?
JM: No time for that at the moment, but I did enjoy House of Cards for a minute.
DG: Fargo.
SS: I don't have a T.V.
AJ: Baskets.

Favorite item of clothing you own and the story behind how/where you got it?
JM: My long underwear are my favorite item at the moment.
DG: A grey hat from Sportivo, my favorite clothing store in Madrid.
SS: My Carolina K. shirt dress. It gives an amazing summery, sensual look to me and it makes me feel like it's August even in January.
AJ: The one I always lose backstage.

What you would do if you weren’t a musician?
JM: Look for a job.
DG: Sociology.
SS: Witch.
AJ: Play drums.

Your favorite vice?
JM: Coffee.
DG: It depends…
SS: Making love.
AJ: Miami.

Something you hate about performing live?
JM: The sexual harassment. 
DG: Nothing. 
SS: Air travel.
AJ: People.

Something you love about performing live?
JM: The sexual harassment.
DG: The spontaneous, unique bits.
SS: The audience.
AJ: People.

What to expect/look forward to from the new album?
JM: New songs!!!
DG: Simple songs to hum in the shower.
SS: I think it's much in line with our previous records. It is just what happens when we play together: The music tends to naturally return to a humorous, rhythm driven, eclectic soundboard of our musical influences. 
AJ: More money!

Brazilian Girls plays with Dreamers at 9 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 15 at Social Hall S.F. More info here

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