Budos Band: Show Preview

The Budos Band's sound is unmistakably its own: heavy bass lines repeat over aggressively funky drumbeats while horns play boisterous melodies and a West African shekere gourd instrument keeps steady time. In between songs, band members drink beer and curse often. The group is from Staten Island, New York, but its music is an amalgamation of Afrobeat, Ethiopian jazz, soul, funk, and '70s rock. Critics argue the music is too redundant and that all the songs sound the same; fans say the hypnotic repetition is precisely what makes it work. “We have this B-Boy fan contingent, we have a jam-band crowd, the funk 45 collectors, and world music fans,” says Budos Band baritone saxophonist Jared Tankel. “Some people say this is just a nostalgic thing, but that is such a load of shit. If you look at pop music, so much of that sounds like the '80s or '90s. You can find nostalgia in anything if you want to.” The band's new album, due out by summer 2014, will have a heavy Black Sabbath influence; expect to hear new, unreleased material at this week's show.

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