Burger Boogaloo Blends Rock Nostalgia With Youthful Immediacy in Oakland

The Fifth Annual Burger Boogaloo

Saturday July 5 and Sunday July 6

Mosswood Park


Better than: That mono vinyl rip of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds you play on lazy Sundays. Or the bootleg tape of the recording sessions.

It's Saturday afternoon, the first of the two-day Burger Boogaloo, midway through Reigning Sound's set, and the small crowd is nodding along, occasionally (gasp) dancing to the band's Detroit Wheels-style rave-up. Yes, we're in Mosswood Park in Oakland, and hundreds in cut-offs and impossibly skinny jeans are dancing to rock 'n' roll. This isn't news. But what's remarkable is the complete absence of the scene replayed in tiny screens held at arm's length. These people are remarkably present, here, in this moment, and they're loving it. For a festival/shindig/boogaloo put on by a record label and boasting a lineup fixated on widespread nostalgia, the unspoken motto is, “Be here now.”

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