Cafe Du Nord hosts White Rabbits — Plugged in, ASD's live music pick for Monday, June 11

White Rabbits: 9:30pm, at Cafe Du Nord. $8.

“The piano, especially the lower octaves, is hugely important to a lot of the group's best tracks, though you might not realize it at first. It slots well into the band's big, spacious sound, and it helps ground the multi-layered vocals and keep the frequently surf-inspired guitars at bay. The piano also frequently adds what Duke Ellington once referred to as “the Latin tinge”– its lead on “Navy Wives” provides a tango accent to the song's subtle ska rhythm, one of many tracks that sport a major second-wave ska influence. As far as that's concerned, this band is a lot more Specials than Madness, keeping its content mostly dark and serious rather than jaunty and jovial.” –Pitchfork

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