Canada's PS I Love You Spread the Love Stateside on First Tour

Vanessa Heins

San Francisco, meet PS I Love You. They're new here, and they're psyched to meet you. The Kingston, Ontario duo of Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson are a few dates into their first U.S. tour, weathering the ups and downs of the road and bringing their clamorous caterwaul to the adoring masses. Their new record, Meet Me at the Muster Station, released last Tuesday on Paper Bag Records, is a deceptively refined burst of rock 'n' roll urgency, channeling the blood of Springsteen, the sweat of recent tourmates Japandroids, and the tears of Wolf Parade (something like that, anyway). In preparation for their Bay Area debut tonight at the Hemlock Tavern, with Gold Medalists and The Downer Party, we grilled Saulnier, the duo's melodic half, about Canada and touring life and letter-writing etiquette.

Where are you right now?
We're at my friend Frank's house in Seattle. I just cooked breakfast for a bunch of people. We played here for the first time last night — it was amazing. We weren't expecting any kind of crowd, since this is our first tour on our own, but it was great.

How's the tour going?
It's been mostly really fun, with lots of hilarious awful stuff and some good stuff to balance it out. We had to buy new brakes for our van, and then our guitars were stolen in Toronto, but a couple weeks later our friends found them again. My amp blew up, so we had to get that fixed, and then our van broke down again. It's been good mixed with extremely bad. But we've had a good time visiting cities we've never been to before.

Including San Francisco?
Definitely. It's one of those cities I've always wanted to visit, and I'm looking forward to just walking around and exploring. I hope to have time to go record shopping–I like to collect soul and funk 45s, and I got a tip that there's an amazing record store. We're also excited about the Hemlock–we just finished a tour with Japandroids, and they kept talking about how awesome it is and how they wished they were coming.

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