Carlos Santana Endorses Tequila Brand, No Word Yet on Drink-Off with Sammy Hagar

Carlos Santana, your local guitar god, is endorsing some expensive tequila brand called Casa Noble. Wow. Cool. Amaaazing.

Okay, not really. Apparently the 10-time Grammy winner has a “passion for excellence” or something, and so do the people at this particular Jalisco distillery. Dude was so smitten with the firm that he not only signed on to endorse the stuff, he also bought a piece of the company and took a seat on its board of directors.

Admittedly this is all highly unexciting — except for the fact that now, two Bay Area six-string-slingers have their own tequila brands! The other, of course, is Sammy Hagar — “Red Rocker,” author, and temporary affiliate of Eddie “too 'faced all the time to taste what he drinks, anyway” Van Halen.

These days, Hagar is almost as famous for his Cabo Wabo distilled agave nectar as he is for failing to follow the speed limit. And by now you must see where this is going:

Hagar has a tequila. Santana has a tequila. There can only be one way to resolve this.


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