Carnaval Weekend: Don't Fret, it's Time to Fete

This weekend, tens of thousands of revelers will hit San Francisco in force, many clad in nothing but skimpy, shiny, feathered costumes. That's right, it's Carnaval time. As usual with this annual event, there's much more going on than just a parade. There's plenty of live music, DJs, and dance troupes, to keep your feet moving. One stage which bears checking out both Saturday and Sunday is Island Vibes, which has a mice mix of live music and DJs playing dancehall, reggaeton, Latin, and hip-hop. The Saturday lineup includes DJ Mr. E, Alma the Dreamer, Bodirock Dancers, Oakland Soul Dance Crew, Company of Prophets, Isis G & Do D.A.T., DJ Fuze, Jah Warrior Shelter, Duniya Dance & Drum Company, DJ Smoke-One and DJ Mpenzi. Sunday's Island Vibes party should be just as hot, with DJ Serg, Ini Vibration, Secure Dem, DJ Sake One, Polo Mo'Qz, Green B & Daneekah, and more. More info is here and here.

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