Dead Horse

The virtuoso sample artists with the wit of juvenile schoolboys of Cassetteboy are back — and they're coming for our president. The English duo's debut, The Parker Tapes, turned seven years' labor splicing tapes and sampling TV into a masterpiece that was equal parts aural collage, vicious political satire, and tits and ass jokes. The two promoted it on the road dressed as George Bush and Tony Blair, dancing and fake-fellating each other, and the backing tracks for those shows form the bulk of Dead Horse, an album that's blunter than Parker and almost as funny. Through the magic of editing, Michael Jackson sings about little boys, Bill Cosby pushes drugs, Harry Potter strokes his “large purple prick,” and Bush and Blair admit they're “murderous gangsters” — but they get what they deserve in the end. Here's hoping life imitates fart.

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