CD Review: Best Coast – 'Crazy For You'

​If the onslaught hasn't already started, expect to be hearing a lot about Best Coast in the coming months. Bethany Cosentino (formerly of Los Angeles tribal-psych outfit Pocahaunted, who are playing tonight at the Rickshaw Stop) has put together a pretty irresistible half-hour of deadpan heartache, all chirping and cooing and girl-group harmonies thickly dusted in grunge-era fuzz, from the ballet-flat-gazing opener “Boyfriend” down to the sunny bonus cut “When I'm With You.” Most of us love it; some of us aren't convinced; some of us only have eyes for Snacks (Cosentino's cat) — but you can be sure Crazy For You will be around for the rest of the summer, at least.

Fans of last season's crop of lovelorn girls — VivianDum Dum and, uh, boy — will note the efficiency with which Cosentino and bandmate Bobb Bruno streamline verse, chorus, and bridge without ever sacrificing the feeling of a complete song; the longest track, the swampily sultry “Honey,” just barely breaks the three-minute mark. Consider the way “The End” trades a choral coo for an extra layer of distortion without batting an eyelash, or try to come up with something the propulsive “Bratty B” fails to accomplish in its minute and 43 seconds.

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