Ceremony: Show Preview

Traditionally, “summer music” associates the hottest season with bright, carefree, catchy pop and rock — a soundtrack fit for relaxing and partying. But what of songs for the less desirable elements of summer — relentlessly scorching afternoons, days when the AC isn't working properly, humid evenings that leave you listless and miserable? For that kind of summer music, throw on Rohnert Park, a 2010 record by Ceremony. Named after the Sonoma County city most of the hardcore punk five-piece grew up in, it's an album steeped in heat, anxiety, and anger. In its opener, vocalist Ross Farrar expresses his disgust for, among other things, condos, television, Black Flag, Catholics, atheists, fun, and hardcore itself. Rohnert also includes a wild Oi! track, a left turn into psychedelia, and a song about every activity — even sex — being mind-numbingly dull when done in (presumably) Rohnert Park. Ceremony has changed in the years since — 2012's Zoo, the act's most recent album, owes debts to goth rock, post-punk, and garage rock — but its crazed live performances benefit most from Rohnert Park's palette.


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