Chasing the Pharoahs at Public Works

The Chase presents Pharoahs

Public Works OddJob Loft

Aug. 24, 2012

Better than: Jam bands.

Cut to a moving dance floor — it was 11 p.m., and we'd just arrived in the loft at Public Works. The room was crowded and bustling, but far from packed. Small clusters of party-goers sipped drinks, pockets of space dividing the room into a network of social islands. A long-haired girl in a loose shirt and tights twirled in the spaces between, occasionally reaching up to grab a ribbon off one of the many balloons pushing against the ceiling. We were all immersed in an extra-dimensional environment; the walls were soaked with neon-hued projections of video feedback that morphed and glitched before occasionally melting into clips of found footage. This was the second installment of “The Chase,” a new party that's made a quick impression with its carefully considered musical curation and superior atmospherics.

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