Check Out Former San Francisco Resident, Lil Dicky, in This New Carl's Jr. Commercial

It's hard to take rapper Lil Dicky seriously — not just in his music, but in this commercial as well. The former San Francisco resident — who moved here after college and worked at an advertising agency for whom he made his first rap video — stars in a new Carl's Jr. commercial for the fast food chain's $4 Real Deal. 

In the 30-second long video, the 28-year-old Philadelphian takes sensual bites of burgers before things get a bit more wild: He throws one dollar bills in the air as if he's at a strip club, bathes in a tub full of pennies, fondles not one, but two life-sized piggy banks, and directs a leaf blower on a pile of one dollar bills. “This is ridiculous,” he then says, turning the leaf blower off. “Not as ridiculous as this deal though. Such good value: $4. That's great.” 
[jump] The commercial ends with a bouncy, bass-heavy melody and a reminder of what $4 can get you at Carl's Jr.: one spicy chicken sandwich, one double cheeseburger, small fries, and a drink. 

If it feels gimmicky, it should: It's a paid advertisement, after all, and Dicky is by no means a seasoned Hollywood actor. But, given the rapper's 2015 single “Save Dat Money,” it's fitting that he's advertising an uproariously cheap meal. Ya feel?

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