Chemical Brothers Tom Interview: 'Drugs Are Bad' Mmkay

For the last fifteen years, UK electronica duo the Chemical Brothers have marked the flow and ebb of dance music in the U.S. with their block-rocking beats. Peaking statewide in 1997, the Chems have been making their money overseas, from Ibiza to Czechoslovakia to Japan. Selling millions of records and collaborating with everyone from Oasis, Mazzy Star to Fat Lip, the now 37-year-old men (one with a proper family of his own) have displayed incredibly longevity thanks to a bedrock friendship, a healthy work ethic, sonic populism, and a robust touring schedule.

Now the Brothers Chemical return to the states for their first large tour in five years, backing their 2007 release 'We Are the Night.' On the heels of Daft Punk's searing U.S. shows and with Justice inbound this fall, the Chemical Brothers might be pleasantly surprised with the re-lit glowstick of the U.S.

Chemical Tom discusses why America has such a fickle relationship to electronica and why drugs are bad, mmmkay prior to tonight's show at the Concourse.

The pr says you haven't done a proper tour in five years, where's the U.S. love?

We did a few dates there in 2005.

The whole shebang?

Yeah, we brought all the gizmos we only played about four dates, but there's a whole world out there. We go where people want to see us play, and the sort of show that we do is so expensive and massive. We can basically play anywhere in the …

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