Chicago Producer and DJ Jordan Fields on Three Decades of House Music and His Dozen Aliases

With a career that was shaped by the early days of breakdancing, boom-boxes, and '80s house, Chicago producer and DJ Jordan Fields has gone through three decades of technological and cultural change in the club scene. Teaching himself to DJ in '83 on cheap record players with no pitch controls, he could only make edits with a well-timed push of the pause button. After hustling his way into getting the necessary tools, he began perfecting his sound, and was DJing clubs by the early '90s. His first big break came in 1991, when he got hired to remix Jungle Crew's “Don't Abuse the House” and shortly after put out his first EP under the alias Thrillseekers. Today, with dozens of releases on multiple labels under his belt, he runs labels HeadphoniQ and the newer disco-centered label LeFreQ. He plays Go Bang! this Saturday at The Stud with DJ Osmose and Go Bang! residents.

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