Chris Metzler on His Fishbone Doc Everyday Sunshine, Which Plays Tonight at the Roxie

Opening tonight at the Roxie is Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone, a documentary about the highly-regarded — if somewhat forgotten — punk-funk band from Los Angeles. After years on the road, traveling between festivals, the film is finally in a theater run. Tonight and tomorrow, the Roxie presentation will even feature appearances by band members Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher.

Over the Exhibitionist, SF Weekly's arts blog, Michael Fox spoke with Everyday Sunshine director Chris Metzler about the documentary project, the difficulties of making a documentary about a band, and the legacy of Fishbone. Below, we've excerpted some of the most interesting parts of their conversation, but we'd urge you to check out the whole thing.

What's different for the band, or you, about the Roxie gig?

In 1983 or '84, San Francisco was the first town Fishbone toured to outside of their Southern California base. S.F. has been the band's home away from home. There's something about the eclectic nature and diversity that always welcomes and celebrates them. In S.F., Fishbone isn't a cult band.

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