Christina Aguilera: The Latest Pop Star To Have Her Way With Marilyn Monroe's Image

I should know better than to step within two time zones of Marilyn Monroe. She has a way of drawing the worst from writers of my gender. Stalwarts from Norman Mailer to Thomas Pynchon have embarrassed themselves, some at greater length than others, trying to mask their macabre and masturbatory impulses as “psychobiography” (this is what Mailer called his own emissions on the subject — really). Even Elton John's lyricist, Bernie Taupin, who wrote “Candle in the Wind,” struggled to do better than project the most cloying part of himself onto the former Norma Jean. So what chance do I have to avoid the fate of these superior writers? Yet, here I am. And it's all Christina Aguilera's fault.

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