Christopher Owens Goes Country-Pop in “Nothing More Than Everything To Me”

At last, today brings a first taste of Christopher Owens' post-Lysandre, post-end-of-Girls music. Given that Owens' initial release after the breakup of the San Francisco indie pop band was too safe and too short to feel like a proper restart, our hopes were high for a change in direction — and we seem to have gotten one. “Nothing More Than Everything to Me” is a rollickin' country-pop tune — all spit-shined guitar licks and boot-twisting swing that's far more Bakersfield than San Francisco. The video finds Chris Owens dressed like Buck Owens, singin' 'n' playin' while the kiddies dance and fall in love. (And Rolling Stone has photos and commentary from its filming.) Crucially, though, it shows Owens back in pop songwriting mode where he belongs, folding heartfelt words into neat, sticky little verses. Watch the video for “Nothing More Than Everything To Me” above; Owens' next album, A New Testament, is out Sept. 30.

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