Chromatics: Show Preview

Originally, Neil Young & Crazy Horse's “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)” served as a rugged tribute to rock 'n' roll's everlasting fire and a eulogy for aging artists' diminishing returns. Chromatics' cover of the iconic song on the recent Kill for Love takes an entirely different tack. By relying on melancholic, lean instrumentation and Ruth Radelet's soft, ennui-laden vocals, it's an introspective, smoke-break-on-a-summer-night ballad meant for young depressives. That's hardly a knock on this project, as Chromatics' value comes from the band's ability to transport you to a world of glamorous gloom. Mastermind Johnny Jewel has grown increasingly good at developing mood through sly synths and neon '80s nostalgia, and between Kill for Love and 2007's slick Night Drive, it's getting hard to remember when Chromatics were just a gang of unruly art-punks.

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