Cibo Matto: Show Preview

Ever experienced something and not been certain whether it's a joke or meant to be taken seriously? Cibo Matto's “Deja Vu” — song and video alike — sure fits that bill. The clip features Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori, the Japan natives/N.Y.C. residents behind Cibo Matto, frolicking and shimmying in a pastel-pink-and-blue-hued world full of creepy visual glitches reminiscent of what happens when you're on YouTube and your connection starts sucking. The slightly jazzy soft-rock tuneage, meanwhile, is '70s elevator music gone unnervingly pleasant, especially once you remember the high-octane punk, hip-hop, and indie-pop this pair is better known for. We can't neglect to mention the cryptic-ass lyrics either; shout-out to the line “Smoke it like, crackle up, play some 50 Cent.” “Deja Vu” aside, Cibo Matto (“crazy food” in Italian) has a profound weirdness that has stuck with it through its 20-year career. Diehard eccentrics like these never seem to go “normal” no matter how long you give 'em, and there's something gloriously comforting about that.


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