Cloud Nothings: Show Preview

Some “bands” are the brainchild of one person: In the studio, person plays everything; for touring, person assembles a combo. Ultimately, it's the end result that matters, and Cleveland's Cloud Nothings — the vehicle for Dylan Baldi — delivers. Cloud Nothings' latest album, Here and Nowhere Else (Carpark), presents a refinement of its previous platters. Baldi lets his youthful angst roar but not at the expense of a tuneful rush, and the songs are “noisy” in a charmingly ramshackle manner, not to disguise shortcomings. It's as if Baldi sought a synthesis of pre-Sire-era Replacements, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and Green Day … and found it. Opening are Toronto thumpers METZ and grungy Brighton goth-rockers the Wytches, both of which should entice you to get to this show early.

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